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A car's tire life, gas mileage, and a driver's safety are directly affected by a car's wheel alignment. Often people confuse balancing tires with alignment; �however, the two procedures are quite different. �Below you will learn how to clearly to distinguish between a wheel alignment and balancing tires, and you will find out just why an automobile's wheel alignment is so vital to a car's performance.

Wheel Alignment vs. Balancing TIres
While considering a �wheel alignment and balancing tires you should keep in mind two factors:

  • A wheel alignment adjusts the angles and the suspension of your tires as they connect with the pavement.

  • Balancing refers to the adjusting of weight imbalances in your combination of tires and wheels. Balancing tires requires machinery to properly mount a tire properly to the wheel, while adjusting the inflation based on the weight and other attributes of your vehicle.

In short, a wheel alignments purpose is to make each tire line up evenly with the road on three different degrees of measurement: toe, caster, & camber.

Toe - the degree to which the tire faces inward or outward from the perspective of the top of your vehicle. Think, your toes pointing in or out when you're looking down at them. As is easy to imagine, driving this way can cause very uneven wear on certain areas of your tires.

Caster - the angle or tilt of your wheel where it meets and is connected to your suspension as viewed from the side of your vehicle. Positive caster means your tire is aligned further inward toward the center of your vehicle. Negative is the opposite. A proper centerline caster will correct your steering, cornering, and overall stability.

Camber - is the degree to which the top/bottom of the tire leans inward or outward from the perspective of the front or back of the vehicle. This can be caused by worn bearings, joints, and other elements of your suspension. It can also cause your vehicle to shake at different speeds depending on your misalignment.

Are My Wheels Misaligned?

It is relatively easy to diagnosis whether or not your tires are misaligned. Uneven tire tread wear, the pulling to the right or left by your vehicle, and an off-center steering wheel while driving straight are all signs of a misalignment. �If you are experiencing any of these signs it would be in your best interest to contact a professional auto-service-technician before your next state inspection.

Still Need Additional Assistance?

If you think you are in dire need of a wheel alignment, the service pros at Manhattan Jeep Chrysler Dodge are more than willing to assist you with all your tire service needs. �Visit their Service Center at 678 Eleventh Avenue, New York, NY 10019 or call them today at (877) 234-2148.

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